What is TurboAnchor?

TurboAnchor is a complete solution for businesses from AI powered data analysis and forecasting to managing the project-management.gifs, teams & meeting timelines all in one place.

It gathers data from all the channels you have provided, converts it into a very simple through report & forecast the future financial & user data through its AI Engine. Not just that it also suggests future plan of action to avoid any coming threats.

How to Use?

Go to the TurboAnchor homepage Turbo Anchor Site and fill start for free form and complet signup process. You need to verify your email as well while going through signup process.
Log in with your credentials via web address Login Page

How to Add Project?

Once successfully logged in first time, you will be redirected to Add Project wizard. It is a three step wizard that lets you add the respective project information.

1. Add Project Details

Once successfully logged in first time, you will be redirected to Add Project wizard. It is a three step wizard that lets you add the respective project information.

2. Set Up Integrations

Set up integrations as per shown below.

a. How to Find Google Analytics View ID

To find the Google Analytics View ID:

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.
  4. Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.
  5. In the right most column Under PROPERTY, click View Settings > Basic Settings. Your Google Analytics View ID is displayed at the top of the column.
b. How to Get Google Authentication Code

To find Google Authentication Code:

  1. Go to Add New Project/Edit Project
  2. Click Get Code
  3. Follow the Google instructions, make sure both analytics & webmaster are checked

  • 4. Copy & Paste the code in Google authentication code field

  • click save and you are good to go.

    3. Customize Your Dashboard

    Choose the dashboard elements that best suit your project needs.

    Once done click submit and system will build your project dashboard as per your preferences.

    AI Powered Dashboard

    The AI powered dashboard is the most comprehensive tool that you need. It not only compares your project's performance with the past but also suggest the needed corrections along with future predictions so that you don't just recover the damage but also take necessary actions to prepare for the future.

    It is a very detiled dashboard and covering almost all the aspects of the project. Follwoing are the main components of dashboard.

    1. AI Forecast

    Once new project is added and it's Google Analytics account is integrated, the built in AI engine starts working on your data using the enhanced machine learning and data sciences techniques to forecast the future trends.

    2. Turbo Engine

    Turbo Engine is a uqique feature of the dashboard which continously keeps on monitoring your project data. Once it determies that a factor is not performing well it prompts the user to fix it and it does not just point out the problem but also provides the solution.

    3. Top Status Bar

    The top status bar highlights the technical factors affecting any website including SSL certifiacate information, Sitemap and website speed both mobile & desktop. Once a website is added under a project top status bar will automatically fetch this information and also you can fetch this information later on by clicking the refresh button next to the field.

    Site Dashboard

    Site dashboard provides complete overview of webite from ecommerece to the user beaviours alongwith AI forecast & TurboEngine solutions.

    Ecommerece Dashboard

    Ecommerece dashboard has two major sections Ecommerece Analytics & MCF Data Conversion.

    1. Ecommerece Analytics

    2. MCF Data Conversion

    User Management

    From the user management menu you can designate two type of user access, “Writer” for content managers and “Link Builder” for link building staff.

    While a user is assigned certain role he/she will only have the access to the related features only and not others.

    Add User:

    Under the "User Management” tab select "Add Staff”. Select the projects you want to assign to the user, fill in the user details and click “Save”. Once user is added you will be redirected to the user management page.

    Edit User:

    On User Management under Edit Data column click Edit User. Make the desired changes and click Save.

    View History:

    This feature enables the managers to track the user activity while they were logged into the Tool. You can view the usage timeline by clicking the "View History" icon.

    Delete User:

    On User Management under Actions column click Delete. Confirm your action upon confirmation prompt and user will be removed from the User List.

    Social Media Manager

    Manage your social media accounts from one point of interaction including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest.

    Project Manager

    Manage all your project tasks and timelines with our scrum based project management tool GitScrum with more than 50K active users.

    For complete documentation of project management tool click Here

    Keyword Tracking & Management

    Manage all your project keywords and track their position, website pages ranking against those keywords, their meta titles & description.

    Content Manager

    Generate unique content from any text that you like by simply spinning it in our content rewriter, for ideas and how to write the content you can check the example sites in the side bar.

    • Paste Content in the Spin Text box. (Limit 1000 words)
    • Choose Language from the dropdown menu.
    • Once content is spun click Check Plagiarism to make sure your content is up to mark. (Limit 1000 words)

    Google Docs & Sheets

    Embed all your Google sheets & docs under the project and uset them from there without going to multiple windows.

    • Click Add Sheet/Doc
    • Enter Sheet Title & Sheet URL
    • Click Save


    To generate the pdf report go to the Reports section in left sidebar, select the time range and click "Create PDF" it will automatically download complete project report PDF.