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A.I Engineer

Partner with TurboAnchor to hire top-tier AI Engineers who bring state-of-the-art AI expertise to your project.

Data Science

Utilize TurboAnchor to hire Data Science Engineers who specialize in extracting and refining data for optimal AI model training and learning.

Machine Learning Engineer

Hire expert ML Engineers through TurboAnchor  who are dedicated to solving complex AI/ML problems and finding solutions via AI models, whether it’s in NLP, Computer Vision, Robotics, or other AI domains.

M.L Ops Engineer

Hire skilled ML Ops Engineers through TurboAnchor to streamline your ML project lifecycle by ensuring seamless deployment, management, and continuous enhancement of your AI applications.

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Why choose TurboAnchor's A.I Talent Pool?

At TurboAnchor, we connect you with the best A.I talent you need to succeed:


A.I Pioneers

TurboAnchor has been a pioneer in NLP AI implementation since 2019 with the introduction of GPT-2. We were among the first companies to offer GPT-2 access to users that year.


Changing & Training A.I Models

TurboAnchor since 2019 led the way in GPT-2 advancements by compiling data from 500,000 articles to train its models. We were actively engaged in refining & modifying open-source GPT-2 models to enhance their performance & adaptability for advanced applications.


Deploying A.I Since 2019

For the past five years, TurboAnchor has been managing its own MLOps, specializing in AWS deployments and the management of OpenAI APIs through a dedicated server infrastructure.


Tailored for your Success

TurboAnchor strategically deploys a trained dedicated team/resource for you, drawing on 13 years of continuous innovation and refinement. Benefit directly from our cutting-edge expertise to elevate your projects.

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