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What we do

A.I Products and Resources designed for you


On-Demand A.I Resources

Hire top-class A.I talent in all digital avenues.


A.I Training Program

Shape your career with future-ready A.I skills.


A.I Products

State-of-the-art A.I analytics tools to enhance your productivity.


Digital Marketing

Elevate your digital presence with our cutting edge technologies.



Streamline your business operations for optimized productivity with our ERP solutions.

Key achievements

We deliver best-in-class A.I solutions for top-notch user satisfaction

Agile AI Development

Instant access to AI talent allows you to swiftly allocate resources to projects as needed, ensuring optimal utilization and responsiveness to market demands.

Resource Allocation

Pay only for the AI expertise you require, reducing overhead costs associated with full-time employees and enabling budget optimization across projects.

AI Experts

Tap into a diverse pool of specialized AI professionals with expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and other cutting-edge technologies.

On-Point Execution

Streamlined talent management processes ensure efficient project execution, from talent sourcing and onboarding to performance monitoring and optimization.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Rapid deployment of AI talent expedites project timelines, allowing businesses to capitalize on emerging opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Risk Mitigation

Outsourcing talent acquisition and management mitigates risks associated with talent shortages and skill gaps, ensuring project continuity and success.

Book a Free Consultation

Ready to design your next Ground-Breaking A.I Product?​

  • Access top-tier AI talent without the hassle.
  • Experience seamless project execution and resource management.
  • Unlock the full potential of AI for your business growth.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is a powerful process mimicking human intelligence processes via creation and application of algorithms built into a dynamic computing environment. Stated simply, We make computers think and act like humans with A.I.


Let us help you turn your ideas into real-world A.I Products and applications.

Made for you A.I Products

Seamless workflow from conceptualization to delivery


First Party Data

We collect and understand client requirements through surveys.


Research & Analysis

We research market competition, analyze the data and visualize concepts.


Execute Project

We use approved concepts and data to implement A.I products and activate your brand.


Make It Happen

We raise your brand’s awareness to cultivate life-long brand loyalty among customers.

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Who we are

The brains that make it all work

Awais Raoof

Chairman and Board of Directors

Visionary education leader shaping success, adept at building strong teams and foreseeing growth.

Muhammad Ali


Having 14 years experience in the IT & Servicing Industry. A.I Lover, Startup Enthusiast, IoT Implementor, and Blockchain Follower.

Muhammad Farahiel

Head of Operations & HR

Entrepreneurial startup nurturer, bringing 3 years of operations expertise and driving organizational excellence.

Dr. Usman Sana

Director Innovation and Training

Innovative Trainer with 20 years of experience. Developed US 7 Pen Thinking System, to enhance efficient thinking.

Ali Raza Khan

Head of Product Design

Design professional with 14+ years of brilliance in crafting innovative A.I and Enterprise SaaS applications.

Hanzla Ijaz

Head of Marketing

Digital marketing maven, 4+ years mastering PPC, SEO, Social Media, and driving brand success.

Kinza Zaheer

Head of Content Writing

SEO wordsmith with 5+ years crafting captivating copy, elevating brand visibility and engagement.

Shahryar Dreshak

A.I Product Manager

Managing user-centric products for 2 years, enhancing customer experiences and business growth.

Muhammad Muneeb-Ul-Haq

Principal Software Engineer

Backend wizard with 5 years of architecting powerful systems, driving robust backend infrastructures.

Ameer Hamza

Senior UI Developer

4 years of experience in turning ideas into delightful digital experiences, shaping memorable front-end interactions.

Hibba Fatima

Web Designer

Design professional with 3 years of experience in crafting amazing web designs.

Syeda Mutahira Zaidi

Senior SEO Executive

2 year expert in off-page SEO and link building, boosting online visibility and search rankings.