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What are Google Ads Extensions & What are Its Types?

By Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz

Google Ads Extensions – Description

So, speaking of What are Google Ads Extensions it’s basically a feature that helps in extending or altering an Ad campaign, by letting us add extra information like contacts, addresses, and weblinks. 

It’s observed by Google that adding any new Ad extension can boost  CTR (CLICK THROUGH RATE) from 10 to 15%. 

Also, your Ads are automatically served extensions by Google itself relying on the context of the search.  A spoonful of information in the Ad extensions add value to the user and perform well because they match user signals like intent, location, or device. 

While different extensions perform different actions. With some, you can add reviews or one of the best benefits we can get through it is create a best call to action button, other extensions can allow you to add a brief testimonial or discount. 

Now that you are well aware of  what Google Ads Extensions are, and why you should use them.

Let’s just  jump into each ad extension that Google Ads has to offer. 

Types of Google Ads Extensions being offered:

1. Location Extensions

A location extension is essential for any traditional street side business that requires the consumer to come to you. As we are evolving from time to time technology is also making a gradual change in our life.

The Internet and the digital world has totally changed the point of view of any business. So if you are someone running a local business with only just a physical presence it’s about time you get started using this Google ads extension  and grow your business.

So, if you are bad at remembering directions and hate to ask others then this extension is all you need. Just make sure when you are using a location extension tool that information and address are up to date. 

2. Affiliate Location Extensions

An Affiliate location extensions allows you to direct users to other locations that are authorized to sell your product. As we know the word affiliate means a official connection between a person or an organization.

So, lets suppose you are selling any product online & don’t have your own physical presence (store) but there’s some other store near your location with whom you are affiliated with. You can mention that store in your site for people who want to physically visit the store and purchase  it. This extension will show them the nearest store when the search your product online. 

3. Callout Extensions

Callout Extension is one of the most commonly used simple extensions available in the market. It basically consists of short brief texts which appear with our search ads. Its purpose is to highlight that searched  product or services features or abilities. 

A callout extension maximum length consists of 25 characters but as suggested by Google it’s better to keep its length to 12 to 15 characters. Although, callout extensions allow you to effectively double the amount of messaging shown with your ad.

4. Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions allows you to add additional links under the main text ad in search. These are clickable links that direct users to pick where they’d like to go instead of just visiting the homepage or landing page when they click on an ad. 

For example: 

Let’s suppose you are searching for a gym after typing the keywords and hitting a click you got multiple results. You decide to go for any of the following near your home. You decided to know what its fee package is? or how to get enrolled? For someone who doesn’t know how to find that certain option on page or might get confused. That’s where the Sitelink extension comes in an additional link which would be displayed like “For Admission” or any other keyword below the ad text which would directly send the user to that assigned page without wasting any time. Just by adding or enabling this extension it has observed that it gave advertisers about an 8% boost in CTR.

5. Call Extensions

Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. Call extension allows the user to add a contact number or direct calling option of an ad in the form of a clickable button with a phone logo. 

It makes it even easier for anyone by directly clicking on a button and making a contact. Instead of searching for it over the website’s homepage, or performing surveys and sign ups on sites. 

For someone running a business that operates in different locations, like a restaurant with multiple outlets. The call extension along with location extensions are some of the best tools you can use to generate more traffic. Such extensions are preferred to work best on cellphones where users can just click on the number and call directly from the search page.

6. Structured Snippets

For someone who might get confused between callout extensions and Structured Snippets extensions.

Here’s something to clear out that confusion, extension like callout highlights your business’s best approached elements and when it comes to structured snippets it focuses on specific preview (Types or categorize) you want the users to know about the offered product or services. This will let any new audience or visitor know who you are & what you are offering even before clicking on your website.   


If you are working for a digital marketing agency you would choose “Service catalog” as a structured snippet that shows the description of services your agency offers. 

7. Message Extensions

Well as the world is moving forward day by day, mediums like phone calls are getting outdated. People consider it annoying mostly when they get a call instead of just a text. 

Therefore, message extensions are considered a good option because many people prefer text messaging over calling. Message extensions are mostly displayed on cell phones, and only to similar devices which are capable of sending and receiving text messages. Just by clicking on the text icon displayed in the Ad a person can directly text you. 

8. Price Extensions

So, did it ever happen to you that you saw an advertisement for a product that you instantly got an urge to buy?. You clicked on that ad or link and when you saw the price on the website & got to know that it was too expensive. As a result, you got a heartbreak but that’s ain’t anything, the amount of time wasted in this process is what hurts most. 

Well don’t worry we all have been through that but here’s a solution for people who are planning on running an Ad for their business. Price extensions are your chance to add a further level to your ads and convince potential customers into buyers by turning transparent and displaying your pricing on the Ads themselves. Pricing extensions help in developing customers’ trust, increase conversions and sales. 

9. App Extensions

Almost half of the population is using cell phones to access the internet. As time passes by people are preferring mobile apps over mobile sites. Having a digital presence online for any business can prove to be very beneficial. But why limit your business only to websites when you can also go for mobile based apps as well. 

So, now if you have developed a mobile application as well for your business the main question is how can you get more downloads, reviews, ratings on the app store in such a crowded market? 

Well, thanks to mobile Ad extensions you can grab the attention of your target audience and increase downloads on your app. This extension will display Ads on the search engine page and when the user will click on it he will be directed to the App store according to the platform based advertisement rather than taking the user to the website. 

10. Promotion Extensions

Well just like the old man said “Make him an offer he can’t refuse”.                                      And for that, you can use promotional extensions to display your offers, discount, deals in an eye catching way on mobile.

While the user click on the mentioned promotion or ad he is taken directly to the offer without having the trouble of going through the website and saving time. Such promotional extensions are mostly run for seasonal sales or holidays. Like discounts offers displayed on amazon ads for Christmas holidays. 

11. Lead Form Extension

Well, lead forms extensions are one of the newest forms of Google ads extensions. It helps you in generating leads by letting people submit their information in a form directly in your ad rather than the old message extensions which Google took down from Ad Extensions in 2020. This form of extension allows users to contact your business in just a few clicks, directly on your ad.

Lead form extensions make everything much simpler for anyone who is interacting with your business and convert them into potential customers. Just by simply clicking on a link to a Google-hosted page which already has their information automatically filled in and the user doesn’t have to go through the long procedure of filling it again and again. Lead forms can be used in display ad campaigns and videos. 

12. Images Extensions

People get attracted to something that they find either unique or compelling. Image extension is a form of Google Ads extension that allows the user to attach interactive and appealing images, related to the text Ad. Such interactive images not just grab user’s attention but also encourage them to take action. 

13. Filling in the Blanks

Filling in the Blanks is an automated Ad extension created by Google algorithm. It is most commonly used for campaigns having limited manual Ad extensions. Such automated extensions use search terms to generate informational snippets or links to your site below your ad text. So if you are unable to provide enough information through manual extension then that’s where this automated extensions comes in:

  • Dynamic sitelink extensions: Which includes links to website pages such as your services page, gallery page, etc.
  • Automated call extensions: It includes your business’s phone number.
  • Automated message extensions: This allows potential customers to message your business.
  • Dynamic structured snippet extensions: It can highlight specific aspects of your businesses products and services.
  • Automated location extensions: It shows your ads with your address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business.
  • Dynamic callout extensions: shows relevant information about the products or services on your business’s site.


So, in the end as a Google advertiser, you might be thinking that you got all the right tools like Google ad extensions with you in the bag. Nothing could possibly go wrong, but you need to be well aware of the fact that using a single Ad extension won’t take you to the top or either going for multiple extensions might do the trick. 

You need to work smart and create a better experience for your target audience. If you use the right extensions related to your campaign you can improve performance and boost CTR and display rates on Ads. They help you in extending the character limit for Ad text and help you focus on making it more compelling.