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8 Best! Types of Paid Ads Which You Can Go For


Aamir Raza


As we know, business is all about spending a dime today and making a dollar tomorrow. We have various types of paid ads and PPC ads in the digital marketing world.

That we can use to drive valuable leads for a business. There are more chances of PPC visitors converting than organic traffic. So, the question arises: What types of paid ads should you go for your business?

Following are the types of paid ads that you can use to reach more leads for your business:

1. Search ads

Search ads are one of the most common pay per click advertisements. It’s a method of placing online advertisements on web pages that show results from search engine queries. These ads are displayed at the top and bottom of search engine results every time a user searches with certain keywords. As these ads are text-based without any visuals.  

Example, when you’re trying to search for a hospital on your browser and you see an advertisement of a clinic in the form of a banner below or above the search bar, that’s because of the unique keywords. 

The good thing about investing in this investment is that not only does it grab the attention of the people, but it’s easy to perform and easily measurable. It also works as a vital tool for brand awareness. 

2. Display ads

The first step of starting a business or promoting a service is to develop a marketing presence & how’s that possible? By designing a brand image that is possible with display advertisements. Display ads are typically graphical presentations that can be banner ads, videos, or search engine ads. People often get confused between search ads and displayed ads. Unlike search ads that are only based on all text, display ads include visuals like photos, videos, or text.

Display ads encourage users to come and click on certain ads. The more the compelling display ad is, the more it will attract traffic and visitors to your websites while turning those potential customers into buyers.

3. Social ads

Social advertising is the most popular form of advertising. It is basically a process of creating and deploying clickable ads to reach target audiences. Furthermore, you can reach them through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, pinterest. Brands use social advertising campaigns to build brand awareness, generate leads, or capture sales revenue. Social advertising is particularly effective at driving engagement and conversions. The prime reason brands and companies go for social media advertising is that it helps you target leads more precisely.

ExampleYou are running a men’s grooming business on Facebook. So you would go in search of a similar audience by selecting pages of their competitors. We can target our audience by selecting similar brands like “Gillette” or “BIG”. We can even go for demographic and search out people of similar interest using keywords like Saloon, Barber shops near them. 

4. Remarketing ads

Firstly, remarketing ads are types of PPC campaigns that allow you to customize display ads campaigns for people who have previously visited your site and tailor your ads to these visitors when they browse the web and use apps. It helps you reengage your audience and often push them to convert to potential customers. 

For example, A user came to a clothing website to buy a specific product. He added a product of his interest, but later, he abandoned the shopping cart without purchasing the product. That’s where remarketing ads come in by displaying those ads of that particular product to specific users yet again. As a result, that might make that person rethink or want to consider buying that product.

5. Google shopping

Google shopping ads are another form of PPC advertisement. Ads are displayed in the form of a carousel above the search results which contains information like price, images, color, size of the product. It’s just like going window shopping in which a user doesn’t needs to hop on a website. Such ads are created by using data attributes from the product information and submitting it into the Merchant Center data feed. You can run a Google shopping ad by selecting  “Shopping” as a campaign in your Google ads account. Then all you have to do is just provide information like your campaign name or select the area you want the ad to run, set your budget or bid amount. 

6. Local service ads

Well speaking, Local Services ads help you connect with people who search for the services you offer. These ads are only limited to the businesses like plumbers, mechanics, electricians, locksmiths. These ads will show up to customers in a specific area, and you only have to pay if a customer contacts you directly through the ad. A customer can click or tap on your ad to either call you or send you a message. They can also schedule a booking with you directly through your ad.

7. Gmail sponsored promotions

Well, with the help of Gmail sponsored promotions or ads, you can directly target the audience by landing straight into their inboxes. These ads show up at the very top of the inbox. Also, another key factor that differentiates these ads from regular emails is the bolded subject line. Such ads consist of two creative elements: a teaser ad and an expanded ad. Gmail ads can target its user based on their interest, demographics, and customer matches. So if you are running a business and plan to invest in paid advertising, then Gmail-sponsored promotion is a great option. 

8. Instream ads

Finally, there comes Instream ads. The videos which are streamed before, during or at the end of a video a viewer is already viewing are known as Instream ads. These ads are displayed mostly on Youtube, and these sponsored ads can be in the form of full-screen, non-skippable or a small sidebar ad. It’s considered one of the best forms of PPC ad type as we all know Youtube is one the most used platforms in the word. So reaching out to an audience is way much easier and more effective.  


So after going through all these types of paid ads. What did we learn?

Well, with the advent of so many digital platforms, what we need is not a lot of money, to promote or market our business. What we do need is the right understanding of which platform fits best for our business, and what method of paid advertising and digital marketing strategy would work like a magic trick and get us the ROI and amaze the audience about our advertisement effort, and definitely make them shift towards us rather than our competitors.

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