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What Is Video Marketing & How Can It Be Used?

By Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz


Before starting a business or promoting a service is to, first of all, develop a marketing presence & how’s that possible? By designing a brand image that can be pulled off with display advertisements. Displays are typically graphical presentations that can be in the form of banner ads, videos, or search engine ads. 

In recent years, video content has become increasingly popular. It’s a proven fact that it’s one of the most successful forms of marketing. Why? The reason is that it’s human nature if we see any graphical representation, which can be in the form of moving images and telling a story. It will leave a mark in our minds which will cause us to recall those events.

Suppose we hear the sound of an ice cream commercial brand with the same jingle sound or graphics from the past. It will send that adult into a state of nostalgia. 

Still for someone who isn’t aware of what video marketing is all about? We can say…Video marketing is the way to create brand awareness, promote products, and increase engagement, boost sales through video-related content. Brands can display video content through multiple digital channels and formats, including the web, social media, app-based advertising, and many others.

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Why Is Video Marketing Effective?

Employing video as part of marketing is getting a lot of attention across businesses of all sizes, including entrepreneurs and small businesses nowadays. More and more businesses have started to create videos to boost customer engagement. A survey showed that over 8,000 marketing experts discovered that pre-produced videos engaged more global digital consumers. [1]

Firstly, videos tend to grab more attention & engagement on social media. In addition, they are more interactive compared to simple gray and white text or photos; therefore, they are more popular among users. Video content is considered to get:

  • More clicks
  • Cheaper per click than other type of content
  • Cost less per click 

Secondly, as discussed above, if you want to grab the audience’s attention, you have to do something out of the box. By that means, video-related content is compared to cliché text or images. Research shows that more than 50% of customers want to see videos from brands compared to other types of content.[2] Take yourself as an example; if you plan to buy a product, chances are you would go for an unboxing or review video instead of reading related details in a text.

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Lastly, video influence is somewhat less expensive than other means of content since anyone can create a video using their cellphones & post on social media. It will help your business get more exposure and engagement, increase awareness related to your product, help to stand out more, directly engage with your audience, and rank higher in SERP & across other platforms. 

How Video Marketing Works 

Until now, have you been well aware of what video marketing is? It helps brands to create an image, promote their product and drive sales. But now, let’s talk about how it works? 

  • Before you embark on your journey, you must remember to check your resources or, in simple words, your budget, equipment, software, and professional editor in this video marketing endeavor.    
  • Without a story or a goal, you can’t create content. It’s just like setting on a journey without knowing where your destination is? Therefore you must think before creating video-related content as it should be what you are trying to tell and how you want them to understand? 
  • Next comes the phase where you interact with your customer by making them engage with your story. Make your content more interactive, which grabs attention and forces them to take action. For example, users click on the promotional link or subscribe, commenting on social media platforms like Youtube channel
  • It’s not much rocket science, as we all know; the simpler it is, the easier it’s easy to interpret it. While creating video content, remember that the audience is someone like you, so make it short and easy to understand & cut any extra information out!
  • Finally, when you are done creating your ideal content, now is the time to publish it & spread it like wildfire on your social media & other platforms. Keep track of your content performance which are performing at their best & how?  


What Are Video Marketing Funnels?  

Marketing funnels have become an integral part of successful businesses. Using different types of content at different funnel stages is vital for attracting prospects and keeping them engaged. A prospect moves from awareness to conversion via a funnel. As we have mentioned, video content is a reliable way of connecting with creative marketing prospects at all marketing funnel stages. Video marketing requires prospective buyers to include the most effective videos at every sales funnel stage and deliver the right video at the right time.

By understanding the sales funnel and your target audience, you can optimize your marketing funnel in the most helpful way possible, drawing more leads and effectively engaging them.

Following are the stages of a video marketing  funnel,

  • Awareness 

The first marketing funnel stage is when your potential customers have just discovered who you are. Your prospects become aware of your brand or product and begin researching it via any marketing channels you have established. The awareness stage often starts a relationship between you and your customer. Awareness video can help you get sales, but keep in mind that the sole purpose of awareness video is letting people know about you, so target the audience accordingly. 

  • Consideration

In this funnel stage, the customer is considering alternatives, examining your product, and trying to see if this is the best option to work out for them. Consideration content is usually based on your expertise and will help establish you’re a professional in your area. It contains content that can be useful for growing your number of subscribers or your followers on other channels.

  • Sales

Your customers have made up their minds and are ready to invest. In this funnel stage, you direct customers toward a conversion point. However, Suppose you’re meeting your customer for the first time. In that case, competitive pricing or unique selling points can be helpful here.

The two most crucial metrics for conversion videos are sales & click-through rate. If someone is clicking and not buying, you may disconnect between your marketing and your product.

  • The action stage

Finally, you made a sale. But now, you need to continue to build trust amongst your customers, and they continue to support you by suggesting to others about your brand and staying loyal to you.


How to make a marketing video for Youtube?

You can market videos on Youtube by following methods,

  • First, create a YouTube channel for your business
  • Understand your audience 
  • Check out your competition, and Learn from your favorite channels
  • Optimize your videos to get views; upload and schedule your videos, and Optimize your channel to attract subscribers. 


What is an example of video marketing?

People spend almost half of their time watching online videos. As we know, videos play a significant role in converting viewers into potential buyers. Several big companies have created some of the best viral videos as marketing strategies. 

For Example, The Ice bucket challenge started in 2014 to raise awareness and funds for those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The challenge included people having to pour a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads and challenge a minimum of three others to do the same and donate. Millions of people worldwide posted their videos, and they soon became viral and wildly successful.

Why do small businesses need video marketing?

As you are well aware, product videos reveal your product’s true potential & benefits and how they work. It is an observed fact that people tend to convert more into potential buyers as they go for a video to learn more about a product or service. Product videos are an excellent way for small businesses to showcase their products. Videos promote brand awareness, improve online presence, boost engagement, build trust, and are easy on the pocket and easy to produce. Still, the sole purpose of video marketing for small businesses is to get sales.

How does video marketing help SEO?

Well, when speaking of video marketing in terms of SEO, it can prove to be quite effective in helping your website to outrank your competitors. The likelihood that a video-rich site will rank highly on Google’s search results is higher. Research shows that marketers use video as a means to improve SEO. 

What are the types of video marketing?

The following are types of video marketing,

  • Interview / Q&A video
  • Featured / Product video
  • Tutorial video
  • Live video
  • User-generated video
  • Event highlights
  • Webinar / online event video


What are video marketing strategies? 

Following are some video marketing tips or strategies you can go for,

  • Established goals for video marketing
  • Decide which platform you want to go for
  • Select your video types
  • Plan the content production
  • Know what post-production involves
  • Schedule & promote the videos
  • Understand & analyze metrics



So if you want to keep up with today’s time, now is the moment you start investing in video marketing. Video marketing will only grow in popularity, so you can’t risk losing your brand to your competitors who use it effectively. Video marketing isn’t new, but as video becomes more available, people consume more video content instead of text. Using videos creatively to support your company’s goals and customer needs can lead to a higher return on investment.

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