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5 Amazing Facebook Ads Strategies You Should Go For

By Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz



Facebook ads can help brands or businesses reach a wider audience. A Facebook ad allows customers to find the products they want in a shorter time frame. These ads attract potential customers so that business growth is assured. Social media is an excellent source of seeking potential clients because it has been observed that social networks tend to attract more visitors. Facebook advertising allows businesses to promote their events and products on social platforms such as Facebook, encouraging customers to visit or attend events and purchase products.

Facebook ads are the best way to grow your brand reach at a good pace. The strategy lets brands and business owners make ads that reach millions of Facebook users. Furthermore, they offer premium plans for growing their presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, and youtube.

The main goal of these advertisements is to grab the audience’s attention and elicit interest in them after they witness the ads. In one way or another, it will make that interested person either come back and visit the page or convert into your customer by liking your page, increasing sales numbers because more people interested in your product or service will find it.

Following are the five Facebook Ads Strategies you can go for,  

1- Target specific audience 

One of the major leverages that you get from Facebook ads is the targeting function that lets you target a specific audience that is likely to purchase. It’s most helpful if you don’t have existing customer data.

You can pinpoint your target audience on Facebook based on these criteria:

  • Location

For instance, any local business or brand can start by targeting their city, state, province, or community. Furthermore, you can set a radius around the main point: users within 10 miles of the ZIP code.

  • Demographics

Suppose your target audience is based on age, gender, Job, qualifications, language, or income. In that case, it’s much easier for you to segment your ads accordingly than it’s suitable for all approaches.

  • Interests

Well, interests are based on audience Facebook activity and “likes.” Suppose you are running a men’s grooming business on Facebook. So you would target the audience by selecting similar brands like “Gillette” or “BIG”. We can even go for demographic and search out people of similar interest using keywords like Saloon and Barber Shops near them. 

  • Behavior

This section considers Facebook users’ digital behavior, including their devices, network speeds, and buying habits.

Creating a custom audience can get you a breakthrough. It’s also known as remarketing ads. These ads work by targeting an audience who has already come across your business. They can be current and former customers. It helps you re-engage your audience and often push them to convert to potential customers. Facebook Pixels give companies a chance to re-engage leads who already know their brand. 

Facebook Retargeting Ads

Lookalike audiences are another essential feature of Facebook ads. It lets you target a new audience similar to your current customers. If your ad strategy focuses on creating awareness, then a Lookalike audience is your thing. 

Facebook Lookalike Audience

2- Target by Life events 

One of the advantages you get as an advertiser on Facebook is that almost all people’s information is shared. Life-event targeting options include events and experiences like engagements, marriages, childbirth, new jobs, graduation, a recent move, retirement, anniversary, and demies. Take a good look at the contexts in which your product or service is helpful, and as well keeping in mind that it resembles life events.

For example, We can reach an audience that got married and is interested in travel. It’s an excellent opportunity for a local travel agency to promote luxury vacations/honeymoons. 

3- Sort out your ad creatives

As we all know, if you want a sell-out, you have to stand out. So it’s a must to do that your ad campaign and Facebook are interactive. The more attractive and appealing your ad will be, the more attention it will grab. 

Go for video ads to promote a campaign, product service, or brand. It’s a proven fact that it’s one of the most successful forms of advertising. Why? The reason is that it’s human nature if we see any graphical representation, which can be in the form of moving images and telling a story. It will leave a mark in our minds which will cause us to recall those events. When you’re done creating a landing page, your perspective will change towards conversion rate. In the end, that’s all that matters after you attract Facebook clicks and visitors to your page. A landing page should possess elements like a call to action (CTA) that encourage direct, specific actions. 

Facebook CTA button

4- Test and track your campaigns when advertising

This method is the relatively simple and cheapest way to optimize your click on Facebook by slightly adjusting your ad copy. You’ll be amazed to know how two different ads within the same ad set can draw in two entirely different average CPCs. 

These results are a possible cause of Facebook using machine learning to rank your ad. These ads show people based on two main factors: audience targeting selected by advertisers and the results of your ad. If your ad copy and images don’t drive actions, you’ll pay more for that ad’s click.

For A/B testing your Facebook ads, you can go with the following methods,

  • Test switching out images
  • Swapping out the CTA buttons or altering the text to increase your Facebook ad’s CPC health.


5- Considering smartphones first while designing your Campaign

Facebook Ad Size

Most people design ads for a desktop, but your target audience will likely see them on a smartphone. There is quite a difference in the size of images, and the same goes for ad copy for every other device. Going for a single-sized fit for all doesn’t work well. Therefore, splitting your campaign according to devices and content placement and using the right images fit precisely into that place. 


Finally, when designing your Facebook ad strategy, the most important thing you can do is get to know your audience. All those strategies and tricks will be zero to a non if you have no clue about the person you’re selling or are even willing to purchase. Start by getting to know your target audience and potential customers. Engaging them is not a big move once you get to know your audience just by following the mentioned Facebook ad strategies.