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How To Use AI In Digital Marketing?

By Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz



Artificial intelligence is already transforming the face of marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help improve customer experiences and drive conversions by optimizing and speeding up various marketing tasks.

Nowadays, people might think about artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of computers that talk to us, like Siri and Alexa, or on larger scales, like self-driving cars. However, AI is several tools and apps running quietly behind the scenes that automate simple tasks and make predictions to simplify our lives. In general, the technology field, especially artificial intelligence, is making tremendous strides towards market penetration, and it is expected to continue to do so in the years to come. In addition, the digital marketing industry is constantly developing, and new technologies appear day after another. Some of these technologies can thus dramatically alter our understanding of how consumers interact with the internet.

How companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing to improve customer satisfaction?

A.I is revolutionizing digital marketing as it only possesses the capability to gather data, analyze it, and apply it but also react to it. In addition to that, as the data related to customers grows, A.I will get more limelight because of its ability to make a data-based decision within instant seconds and on point accuracy. 

The following are some ways AI is transforming digital marketing,


A.I chatbot is a program designed for conversation, for instance, answering customer inquiries or customer service-related questions. It’s considered a far better option for interacting with customers as you can communicate auditory or textual. Compared to going for the traditional old-school way of one-to-one personal interaction, you can go for one too many. It’s less time-consuming and cost-effective than hiring a person performing such a task. 

How to Use AI in Digital Marketing?

Chatbots are effective marketing tools and are primarily used in social media. They can provide customer service that proves to benefit both the brand and the customer. The collected customer information can help target your message and target a similar audience of related interest. Chatbots even help get customers through the sales funnel by asking out questions to provide customers with their desired product or service. Brands like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter messenger applications use chatbots to interact with their customers.

Predictive and Targeted Content

A.I. is not one-dimensional as it not only lets you gather data about customers and competitors. As a matter of fact, A.I can use it to predict future behavior, measure success, and help create content for a specific target audience. By going for predictive analytics, A.I.-based software uses statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the probability of future results based on previously stored data. You can deliver the right email message at the right time by using dynamic content and determining that content based on past customer behavior. By knowing which web pages a customer visited, which blog posts they read, which emails they’ve interacted with, and more, A.I. can intelligently select the content most likely to appeal to a specific customer and automatically populate an email with that content. 

For marketers who want effective AI-powered solutions with a powerful platform for managing the expansive amounts of collected data. That can derive insightful marketing intelligence into their target audience so they can make data-driven decisions about how to reach them best.

Content Creation

Next comes content creation, as we all have observed with the rise of content marketing from time to time. Marketers are calling content creation a major stress out. Creating quality content ain’t just a walk in the park; it’s a time-consuming process, and on top of that, you need it back to back for effective marketing. A.I can help us out in getting some of that content done. The content can be of any type ranging from blogs, articles, and essays with hundreds of words to social media ads, and emails can all be easily generated in A.I content automation tools

How to Use AI in Digital Marketing?

Someone who struggles in writing, research, or figuring out where and how to start can go for WriteMe, a creative A.I tool. It helps you by writing that attracts traffic; all you have to do is assign a topic and sit back and relax. And witness WriteMe perform its magic, creating content in no time. 

Image Recognition Technology

Last but not least comes image recognition, an A.I based on software tools that can help a business enhance customer experience. Well, we all are aware of face recognition in cell phones. Similarly, you may have experienced it on social media platforms like Facebook. When you post a photo with a friend, they get automatically tagged. There are many image recognition software available that anyone can use as they can also help personalize the customer experience. 

For Example, 

Google lens is an example of an image recognition application. Retailers mainly use this technology to perceive the context of these images and return personalized and accurate search results to the users based on their interests and behavior.


AI is nowadays more handy for businesses, making it a helpful tool for digital marketers. It’s without a doubt that A.I have a massive influence on your customers’ preferences, helping deliver relevant recommendations and time to time customer assistance. Someone working in marketing might be wondering that as the world is stepping into the digital frontier. Where A.I and advanced technology like robotics might take over.

Well, for that someone, you can take a breath and relax because of A.I will create more opportunities to work instead of A.I tools will help you perform the task that needs your attention, like figuring out new solutions and business tactics, rather than performing a technical and time-consuming task. Looking with such a perspective, you can use it to enable you to better grow your brand and meet your customers’ expectations.

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