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Google tag assistant - What is it and how does it help Digital Marketers?

By Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz

Google tag assistant – What is it and how does it help Digital Marketers?

You have probably utilized Google Tag Assistant If you’ve ever used Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or any other of Google’s analytics products. This is not surprising even if you’ve used it before and are still interested in learning more about it. Because there’s always a lot more to learn about it as this is a tricky tool.

What Is Google Tag Assistant?

A tag analysis tool for Google tag extensions is called google tag assistant. It makes the procedure much simpler and quicker by helping you validate the tracking code on your website, troubleshooting frequent issues, and validating it.

How does it work?

It’s likely that you work with many codes and snippets if you engage in affiliate marketing, blogging, remarketing, etc. Navigation to and from Google Analytics will eventually take too much time because there are so many distinct websites and pieces of code to keep track of

You may use Tag Assistant to find out what tags are present on any page by just navigating there. It will let you know about any mistakes we uncover and offer suggestions for how to make your implementation better.

How does Google Tag Assistant work and how to use it?

The Google Tag Assistant is a chrome extension present as Tag Assistant legacy(by google) You need to install it on your browser.

  1. To download and install the tool on your browser, go to its Chrome website/ chrome web store.
  1. Once the chrome web store browser opens, here search for tag assistant. Here you will see Tag Assistant legacy(by google). Just click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  2. Now the extension will add to chrome.
  1. Once the extensions have been installed, you will notice a blue tag icon next to your search bar. To activate a tag, click on its symbol. Now click on “Enable” to activate the tag assistant.
  1. Now refresh the page. When you will refresh the page, the tag icon next to your search bar will start tracking and changing colors. Once you click on this tag icon, It will show the “Results of analysis” of that tab.
  2. Here, you will see two types of numbers icons. One is for the “total number of tags” added to the site and the other is for the “total number of errors”.
  3. The numbers show where the code snippets are located on that website. Select the code snippet to display the tag types and distinguish between those that are running or firing and those that aren’t. Different types of color tags will help this distinguish.
  4. You will also show the optimization suggestions here.

What do google tag assistant colors explain?

There are four standard colors on the assistant that you might notice in code snippets. Since each color has a distinct meaning, we will explain what to anticipate with each color below.

The red color means that an error is found on the tag or metadata. The red color indicates that the metadata is not implemented correctly and is not functioning at all.

Yellow color means minor issues or there could be some tracking problem. Yellow errors are metadata that has minor implementation issues. But they need to be seen and corrected.

Blue denotes an incorrect implementation. It indicates that the implementation does not follow the standard code, but the metadata is still functional.

Green –It indicates that the metadata is functioning properly. You should shoot for this color when using the code snippet assistant.

What are Google Tag Assistant Recordings?

When you click on the tag assistant icon next to your search bar, you may notice another button as “ record” next to “enable”.The option to record on a tag assistant is a special feature that makes it extremely simple to analyze the code and triggers you need to see.