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How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022

By Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz


The purpose of a digital marketing strategy is to help your organization achieve specific goals through carefully selected marketing channels, such as paid, earned, and owned media

Starting a digital marketing campaign without a strategy in mind is the same as going on a journey without a clue or guide to your destination. You’ll end up wandering around here, and they’re wasting your time and end up lost. As the world is stepping into the digital frontier, we have observed quite a shift in the way people consume media, which has led businesses to completely rethink their digital strategy. 

Digital marketing strategies 2022

Following are some digital marketing strategies for a successful marketing campaign as you step in 2022

1. Create a Customer’s Profile and Determining your Business Goals

Creating a Customer Profile:

  • Try to search for people similar to your former audience you are providing services to. Figure out the gender ratio, do the audience responds to your mentioned topic, and their whereabouts.
  • One of the best ways to figure out your audience is by conducting surveys or FAQs. You can get feedback through emails or make them interact by doing surveys that would get them a gift or voucher in a giveaway campaign. 
  • Keep an eye out for your competitors, like how they are tackling the same situation you are facing and how they are interacting with the audience. 
  • Email marketing works as a piece of your web property that reaches out to your audience with a call to action to improve brand image. This strategy can help you promote new content, product updates, exclusive offers or courses, etc., directly to your subscribers.

Well speaking of business goals it’s the first step of any business to determine its goals. Without a goal in mind is like cruising a ship without a captain or a map. You will surely end -up stranded nowhere or lost. Now that the buyer’s persona comes in, it lets you personalize your ads. As a result, people will value your business even more after witnessing your personalized ads.

Someone already running a business should be aware of the fact by now about who’s purchasing or using your content. But yet again, you have to work a little hard to get those target audiences in the bag.

2. End of Third-party cookies – A new perspective

As we know, most advertisers and businesses depend on third-party cookies to keep track of users and their interests. They better be prepared because they are about to face Google’s wrath as the company has announced that they are putting third-party cookies out of commission in the coming year of 2023. In contrast, they are introducing new technology to replace them. 

Undoubtedly, it will influence everyone in the advertising world by utilizing third-party cookies. At the same time, all the marketers have never felt short of shocking us. Alternatives like CRM tracking, Identity solutions, Google’s Privacy Sandbox, First-party data, Google’s Publisher Provided Identifiers, Contextual Targeting, Data Pools, or Data Clean Rooms.

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3. Content Creation

Try Out Different Posts – You want to grab your audience’s attention well, it’s not that much rocket science, but you have to be strategic while posting. You have to think “outside of the box.” Like putting out different posts, motivational quotes, and blogs on the latest trending topics, memes, or videos. It’s all part of content marketing that focuses on strategies like pulling audiences to make them engage via creating and sharing interacting content, ranging from informational articles and journals to entertainment-like videos.

4. Go for SEO 

It doesn’t matter; it’s yesterday or coming tomorrow SEO will always play a key role. Digital marketing strategy is all about employing the right words for the global consumers to discover you. But executing SEO is more than just putting in the right keywords. You can potentially pull in Fitness lovers with keywords like ‘Gym near me’ and ‘best workout.’ You can elevate it with a practical and cohesive SEO keyword strategy. 

Employing experts for SEO help is a great idea. These professionals can optimize your business’s organic SEO strategy by identifying what needs improvement, what keywords need implementation, and what other aspects of organic SEO need to be addressed.

5. AI-Integrated Marketing

Nowadays, people might think about artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of computers that talk to us, like Siri and Alexa, or on larger scales, like self-driving cars. However, AI is several tools and apps running quietly behind the scenes that automate simple tasks and make predictions to simplify our lives. In general, the technology field, especially artificial intelligence, is making tremendous strides toward market penetration. 

It is expected to continue to do so in the years to come. In addition, the digital marketing industry is constantly developing, and new technologies appear day after another. Some of these technologies can thus dramatically alter our understanding of how consumers interact with the internet.

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6. Up Close and Personalized Experience to Boost Sales 

It’s commonly observed and practiced that you have to think like one to attract a customer or his interest to buy. Personalized experience and content to succeed in the fast-paced digital world. You have achieved these goals by simply following these steps, 

  • New website visitors receive a special offer
  • Featuring recommendations that are customized
  • Easy to interact with and user-friendly website

An example of one such brand that provides ‘personalized targeting’ is Amazon Prime; it frequently suggests content based on the viewer’s interests. 

7. Live Streaming & Video ads

Live streaming took the world into another galaxy of digital marketing during the pandemic. Meanwhile, we observed that when we were confined at home with just gadgets and audio/video content, we advanced differently in the past years.

Before getting started with what OTT ads are, it’s essential to know them! Since the audience is moving forward from time to time from traditional mediums like television to digital mediums, smartphones. People aren’t interested in paying cable bills, and they can easily access anything on the internet. Therefore, online streaming apps come into play that is easy to access and available. Connected tv and OTT over the top are one of the new methods of broadcasting toll. 

For Example, Twitch, Amazon Streaming

OTT is an online streaming that also includes subscription-based services in which the user does not need cable access or tv. They are easily accessed with just a smartphone and internet access. 

While speaking of OTT advertisements, they are often unskippable ads that sometimes overlay the video while you’re watching. But at the same time helps brands to make a brand image and recognition in front of newer audiences and viewers who might end up watching the whole advertisement if it’s up to their interest. It’s a very interactive way of advertising that engages the viewer to take action like tapping or swiping to get more details related to advertised products or services.  

Go for video ads to promote a campaign, product service, or brand. It’s a proven fact that it’s one of the most successful forms of advertising. Why? The reason is that it’s human nature if we see any graphical representation, which can be in the form of moving images and telling a story.

It will leave a mark in our minds which will cause us to recall those events. When you’re done creating a landing page, your perspective will change towards conversion rate. In the end, that’s all that matters after you attract Facebook clicks and visitors to your page. A landing page should possess elements like a call to action (CTA) that encourage direct, specific actions.  

8. Affiliate Marketing 

Last but not least comes, affiliate marketing undoubtedly gives you leverage without requiring large advertising budgets for a business. One successful affiliate can bring more traffic, leads, and sales than a traditional marketing campaign or even a highly effective online advertising campaign. A properly executed affiliate marketing can become an influential sales channel that can grow sales and brand awareness over time. 

Despite a sales team, affiliate marketing works for you 24/7, making money for both sides at all times. People often get confused between the affiliate and social media marketing?

But it’s just really simple as affiliate marketing is all about getting a percentage or commission on selling someone’s product. While on the other hand, social media marketing is all about creating brand awareness and sharing content, boosting sales. 


We can conclude that as the world is transforming, various new mediums of marketing and technologies are coming back and forth. It’s all up to us to figure out what suits us the best for our business, brand image, product, and service and influences the target audience. For that, we need to keep on developing new marketing strategies. So that we can keep up with the rapid transformation of the digital marketing world.