6 Best Proximity Marketing Solutions

By Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz


6 Best Proximity Marketing Solutions

Performance & Growth Marketing Manager - Hanzla Ijaz
Muhammad Hanzla Ijaz

Before we begin with Proximity marketing solutions let’s get a clear picture of what proximity marketing is? 

It is a marketing technique to target customers at the right time and place, based on their precise location. Just for heads up, that proximity marketing ain’t just about marketing itself but it can also work as a source for collecting information that helps you better understand your customers and know their interests. As we have observed over time, brands with a robust physical presence, such as,

  • Retail stores 
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  •  Hotels 

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Are shifting towards proximity marketing, the next frontier of digital marketing involves using proximity beacon technologies to provide highly personalized customer experiences. 

The next frontier of digital marketing involves using proximity sensor technologies to provide highly personalized customer experiences. It is also considered hyper-local marketing that employs cellular technology to send marketing messages to cell phone users who are close range. 

But enough said, coming back to proximity marketing solutions well it  includes BLE Beacons, NFC tags & QR code technologies that help close the gap between the brand’s offline & online marketing strategies.

What are Proximity Marketing Solutions?

These Proximity marketing solutions will help clients to achieve location-based customer engagement by providing consistent user experiences.


The desire for convenience-driven in-store experiences has shifted retailers’ focus to offering fast, reliable WiFi. By combining in-store marketing and wifi proximity marketing, companies can offer their guests customized content based on their proximity. 

In simpler words, when a customer comes into the store & asks you for the wifi password, it’s in some way a golden opportunity for you. During sign-up for your WiFi network, ask customers to provide their email first so that you can reach them later and send a personalized offer. That’s how you can create a well-targeted marketing audience. Besides that, you can create specific in-store campaigns using user-provided data.


Geofencing is a business’s ability to micro-target people based on their locations. Creating a geometric digital radius around a business is required to target the desired audience.

Earlier marketers could send proximity marketing advertisements directly to all public members who entered areas containing beacons.

Those with compatible devices could be served ads without the user’s concern.

But nowadays, it’s totally the other way around. Rather than having a defined location distributed with beacons, businesses create geometric radiuses that contain the area in which their preferred target audience is. According to research almost 84% of marketers currently use location-based data in their marketing campaigns while 94% are planning to do so ahead. [1]


With pre-configured Bluetooth beacons, your marketing strategy will be up and running in no time. You can create, manage, and monitor beacon campaigns with an intuitive web platform. Beacons can be easily installed in every store and retail outlet. They use an electrical signal to pinpoint customer location and transfer that data (text or push notification on app) to them via Bluetooth. The Retailers monitor daily traffic patterns to send out promotional messages to customers near them, recommending products or letting them know about discounts and special offers.

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To grow and retain customers, businesses today turn to digital marketing channels. So let’s suppose you are running a store and don’t know how to perform such marketing techniques can go for services like IoT PROXIM

It’s easy to use, all you have to do is place the beacon at a certain location of your store. As someone enters the store premises they will receive notifications of promotional messages on their cellphones. 

NFC Tags

It’s a marketing method where retailers attach a chip to a product that works as a transmitter, connecting to visitors’ mobile devices to send them information about certain products. It has developed from RFID & functions as a sort of wireless link.

Well, that’s just not it. This technology enables marketers to gather vital information about each purchase. Such insight proves to be very helpful for your business.


Companies are seeking new methods of gaining online recognition about factors like personalization & interaction. In addition to tracking products and measuring stock levels for supply and demand, RFID tags are often used for tracking products and storing data. Just like geofencing, RFID functions when specific content or promotions are pushed to mobile devices in a specific area.

QR Code

Almost everyone knows traditional barcodes; you might have seen them while shopping for groceries. Similar to that, here we have QR codes. This 2D technology is also a good way to share business information to increase awareness and engagement. QR code strategies depend upon target audiences engaging with the code via mobile phones. 

Smartphones like the iPhone have a built-in QR code scanner within their camera. That makes an opportunity for the company with these codes to deliver promotional messages to that user. A QR code is a cost-effective way of proximity marketing as you can generate it online & print it on paper. 


In the end, we can say that proximity marketing solutions are all we need as we step into the marketing world. Proximity marketing solutions provide retailers with the intel related to the consumer to grab their attention. Once inside the store, potential customers can be motivated to shop with a push message with appealing offers or discount coupons. The proximity marketing technology makes the customer journey easy and compelling. Not just that, it also makes payment methods easier & more reliable. You can observe that beacon technology is spreading like wildfire in the business industry. Therefore, anyone running a business should keep their heads up for any new technology that pop’s up in the market to stay one step ahead. 

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